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Tantra for women



Located in Chanéac (07310),

between Le Cheylard and Saint-Agrève

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Welcome to you, woman, embodiment of the goddess and manifestation of Shakti, the fundamental energy of all creation!

Would you like to (re) discover your deep nature: your power, your femininity and your sensuality? Do you want to connect with your sacred feminine body, offer it a space where it can express itself, free itself, be accepted, cherished and honored?

So come dance your strength and your feminine sensitivity! Come learn to open up, accept yourself, welcome yourself, honor your inner goddess and awaken to the magic of being a woman ...


In these meetings dedicated to the sacred feminine we will:

  • celebrate sensuality, connection and sharing between sisters in an environment of trust, respect and kindness

  • develop our femininity in different facets as well as our sensual and sensory intelligence

  • awaken and channel our sexual energy and open up to the mysteries of sacred sexuality

  • develop our intuition and creativity

  • learn to feel, listen to, accept and honor our physical body

  • play with the different expressions of female archetypes in order to recognize them, experience and heal their shadowy aspects and celebrating their sunny parts

  • offer yourself a long moment of relaxation in the form of a sacred touch and / or an intuitive massage

  • share our joys and challenges of being a woman.


Come and celebrate with other Shaktis the lightness, the depth and the magic of our sacred feminine!

Tantra-Experience, Lausanne

The practices that can be proposed during these meetings:

  • tantric ceremonies, rituals and healing rites

  • massage and sacred touch

  • mindfulness practices that include the 5 senses, also in nature

  • energy chakras work

  • healing of the yoni

  • various breathing and emotional release techniques

  • movement, dance

  • various fun and deep practices.

Other individual / customized approaches are possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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08/16/2020 (from 10 a.m.) - 08/20/2020 (12 p.m.)

Location :

Le Chant des Sources, a beautiful Ardèche house dating from the 18th century, warm, comforting, silent, in very strong connection with the energy of water, rocks, green pastures, and in older times "on the Silk Road" ... A place open to a rural horizon of medium mountains at an altitude of 600m, surrounded by gentle hills where forests and pastures alternate, populated by numerous domestic and wild animals. The house is located at the meeting point of two rivers and at the convergence of three valleys. Located in Chanéac (07310), between Le Cheylard and Saint-Agrève.

The Facilitators:


Fleur de Lune:

An experienced teacher on the path of Tantra, nurse, grandmother, shaman... she traveled across many seas, mountains and valleys, and takes great pleasure in sharing what she has discovered in this incarnation: learning together to go through hardships, to celebrate life and rediscover the joy of our childhood.


Deva Dileri:

Tantra instructor certified by the Arc-en-Ciel School, passionate about dance, yoga, writing and travel ... The sacred way of Tantra is for her, above all, an invitation to live her love, family, sexual, professional life with more awareness, presence and celebration.

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