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Individual Consultations

"You spend your whole life looking for someone who will make you happy and who will complement you, never realizing that that person ... is you!" 

Tantra-Experience, Lausanne

Individual consultations (live or online).

You are single (or in a relationship) and wish, in an individual approach, to :

  • learn to relax and release tension in a fun and effective way

  • put more lightness and playfulness in your life and in your relationships

  • awaken and develop the receptivity of your 5 senses

  • reconnect with your sensuality, balance your libido

  • learn to love yourself and (better) love the other

  • discover the sacred touch (self touch)

  • develop your creativity and sexual skills

  • improve your self-esteem and the perception / acceptance of your body

  • wake up, raise and circulate the energy between sex and heart

  • learn to meditate and celebrate life

  • discover the way of Tantra: the art of relationships with oneself, others and Life

You are single (or in a relationship) and want to deepen your knowledge of yourself and your patterns by:

  • becoming aware of your childhood wounds and their impact on the relationship to yourself and to others

  • learning to welcome your emotions and express them in a healthy way

  • detecting your needs in order to take care of yourself, before you want to take care of others

  • understanding your projections, your behavioral mechanisms, your expectations, your repetitive patterns and their impact on your life and your relationships

  • deepening the path of Tantra: the art of relationships, the art of love and sacred sexuality.

Tantra-Experience, Lausanne
Tantra-Experience, Lausanne

The practices that may be proposed :

  • self-massage and sacred touch

  • mindfulness exercises that include the 5 senses, also in nature

  • chakra energy work

  • tantric rituals and healing rites

  • various breathing and emotional release techniques

  • movement, yoga, dance

  • various fun and deep exercises.

Prices for an individual approach:

130 chf / h or 150 chf / 1h30

The package of five 1h30 sessions: 650 chf.

Tantra-Experience, Lausanne
Tantra-Experience, Lausanne

Other customized approaches:

A Tantra / Conscious Relationships Day could include:

  • introduction to (or deepening of) physical, mental and emotional relaxation techniques

  • introduction or deepening of tantra (rituals, energy practices, sacred touch, massage, others)

  • sharing and questions / answers about intimacy / sexuality, relationships etc.

A Tantra / Conscious Relationships Weekend could include:

  • introduction or deepening in constructive and non-violent communication

  • introduction or deepening of tantra (rituals, energy practices, sacred touch, massage, others)

  • introduction to meditation (active and passive)

  • access to relaxation areas (hammam, sauna, swimming pool, jacuzzi)

  • sharing and questions - answers about intimacy / sexuality, conscious relationships, psychological wounds etc.

Prices: on request.

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