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“Relax, take it easy! " workshops

"The ego says: when everything is in place, I will find peace.

The soul says: find peace and everything will fall into place ".

Buddhist quote

Tantra-Experience, Lausanne

Do you need to be guided in simple practices of relaxation and physical, mental and emotional release or calming?

Do you want to learn how to manage your stress, release your tensions and calm your nervous system?

These evenings, in small groups (or individually, on request), will allow you to let go and regain your balance, in a playful and benevolent setting ...

Tantra-Experience, Lausanne
Tantra-Experience, Lausanne

In each relaxation session lasting 1 - 4 hours, the following may be proposed :

  • dances-connections and intuitive movements

  • awakening of vital energy through movement, breathing and sound

  • mindfulness exercises

  • emotional liberation

  • partial or full massage

  • active and static meditations

  • sincere sharing 

  • guided meditation (yoga nidra or other)

Dates and prices: on request.


A cusomized approach may be proposed :

  • for individuals or for groups

  • online (through Zoom) or on live

  • in a private or professional setting

  • over a few hours / a weekend / a few days

Tantra-Experience, Lausanne
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