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Tantra Holidays


With the songs of waterfall, the pleasant shadows under the trees in a warm sunny dreamy natural setting, a serene place perched in the heart of a magnificent mountain facing the chain of the Alps and Mont Blanc, the smell of wood floating to the tune of some musical notes mixed with the sweet taste of strawberries ....

In this magical and relaxing setting, we invite you to tantric holidays full of summer colors, in order to share beautiful energies, deep practices, succulent meals, joyful moments, authenticity and simplicity among respectful and caring people.

"Go to the people and places that ignite a spark in your soul" ...

On the program for this summer:

  • celebrations and rituals in nature

  • Tantric practices of connection and healing

  • sensory journeys through all the chakra colours

  • revitalizing body and mind massages

  • meditation, singing and live music

  • playful conscious and sensual games

  • free moments to connect with nature and share the joys of the beautiful season with other participants!

What this tantra holidays offers:

  • recharging your batteries, connecting to your body through the 5 senses

  • waking up of your life energy and rediscovering joy, lightness and creativity

  • playing with feminine and masculine polarities; honoring your power as Woman and Man, uniting opposites for more inner balance and harmony

  • expressing your sensuality, cultivating your sexual energy and connecting sex with heart

  • nurturing self-esteem and creating the opportunity to live your life to its fullest potential

  • becoming more aware and present to oneself, to others and to Life

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Location :

magnificent Eco-gîte (Belles Ombres),

in the heart of the Charterhouse, near Grenoble

About the place:

Welcome to all, singles and couples

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