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Ateliers à Lausanne et en France
Ateliers à Lausanne et en France
Ateliers à Lausanne et en France
Ateliers à Lausanne et en France
Ateliers à Lausanne et en France
Ateliers à Lausanne et en France
Ateliers à Lausanne et en France
Ateliers à Lausanne et en France
Ateliers à Lausanne et en France

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"A magnificent meeting with Dileri, where I discovered Tantra with my companion.


We did the Tantra weekends so much that we liked and touched it so much, and each time I grew and evolved a little more. I was able to share intense moments like I had never experienced with my partner, and also with other people present at the camps. By starting by awakening the energy of the 1st chakra, the sexual and so-called creative energy, we learn to transcend it to reach this connection with oneself and with the other, by looking, by touch.


For me Tantra is living the present moment without worrying about the past or the future, accepting oneself and others.


It's a philosophy that speaks to me a lot, this idea of sharing this unconditional love in kindness and respect. During these Tantra workshops, I really feel like I am living in an ideal mode, filled with love." Kyoko

“Each time it is a discovery of myself in a benevolent and respectful setting.

I am filled with gratitude for having met you Dileri, in order to accompany me in Tantra.

It nourishes me and fills me with compassion, love and light.

You bring me where I have surely never been to explore, and with your color which is so beautiful.

Thank you lovely Shakti. At M. »Lucile




A single word comes to me: WOW! So many movements in our bodies, our hearts, our heads.

Thank you Dileri for the gift you have of making us vibrate, of reconnecting us to the essence of who we are, of being in our hearts, of helping us to accept ourselves and to find an internal balance. I have imaginations and feelings full of colors, food, hugs, sharing, laughter, white gold, sighs and tears that heal souls. The magic has operated .... » France



Dear Dileri, I thank you for these few intense days and all the news that I was able to welcome in my life in contact with all the people present at the course. I feel much lighter and I hope that this feeling is the result of a real healing and not just a beautiful energy carried by the internship.

In order to symbolize a new balance between my feminine and masculine energies, I took my violin out of the closet, where it slept for 18 years, and I will resume my first lesson in 10 days. I hope I can play something with you at the next stage! Thank you very much and see you soon I hope! You are an inspiration to me and I am very happy to have been able to get to know better. » Ours Chatouilleux

" Dileri is tall, beautiful, has round eyes and a deep gaze. Whether she structures or improvises, she is attentive to each and everyone. My partner and I discovered the practice of Tantra with her during an internship. We danced, meditated, laughed, cried, massaged. We returned home grown, touched. And put into practice the next day. An essential milestone in our life as a couple.

We took part in 4 internships in 6 weeks, it seemed so obvious.

And I have told several friends about it, including a couple who just wrote to me, delighted with their first weekend experience.

Dileri, a Warrior of Love.

Thank you dear friend. " Darius

During this workshop, I had the pleasure of meeting people that I had not seen for several months. The energy of the group was beautiful! Benevolence, sincerity and humility. I felt happy and confident. This made it possible to explore the energy of desire related to needs, joy and love with authenticity. I dared to welcome myself into my archaic desires. I let myself be moved by my desires for love. Throughout this workshop, your different proposals have guided me towards surrender to desire. The exchanges were beautiful. My three words at the end of this evening: gratitude, reconciliation and goddess. Since then, a few days have passed and I still feel nourished by this energy. I feel my body, my heart, my soul vibrating with desire.

THANKS to you, Dileri. THANKS to those present. THANKS to me. » Carine

“Pure happiness. A return to the sources with the relearning of the visual contact, tactile and especially of the energy circulating between me to the other. A marvel of dialogue without words where through touch and / or gaze, manages to exchange a subliminal form of energy that fills us with intense well-being. Tantrism is the place where trust is the natural rule between everyone and where we can abandon ourselves without judgment, without ulterior motives. In total freedom, without the slightest effort.

What a delight to recharge my batteries during these lessons beautifully presented by Dileri who knows how to put us in confidence and in optimal conditions to live magical moments. Thank you to you and thank you to all those who dare to cross the barrier of fear, fear or whatever else. Dare and you will be amazed… ” James

“The word that often comes to mind when I think of Dileri's internships is 'benevolence'. I feel safe and always well surrounded. This allows me to open up and be totally myself without judgment, and so I can explore my own shadows without shame. I love the moments of joy, play and dance mixed with meditation and deep self-work, demonstrating the co-existence of the bright sides and the dark sides that we all have. The explanations are full of lessons, I appreciate the creative and fair way that Dileri uses speech to encourage better self-knowledge. »Rebecca

What a joy to be initiated into tantra by you, Dileri! This weekend internship was magical and just like after the 1st workshop, I came out more fulfilled and convinced of my approach. I vibrated every moment and these emotions speak for themselves. I look forward to continuing to learn and experience alongside you. » Lucile

“Society, education, life experiences and years have developed certain beliefs or judgments about the image I have of my body and its desires. The subject is sensitive. However, the need to free myself from the chains which hold me back in my development as a woman is great. During this weekend, Dileri was able to accompany me to undress in complete safety and kindness. The structures chosen are respectful. They guided and encouraged me towards a counting. I found myself naked as on my first day of life. So, I gave myself a re-birth. I appreciate your presence, your energy, your teaching and your listening skills. I bless your intuitive and creative listening. With my gratitude. » Carine

“A few hours of initiation into tantra gave me exactly what I needed: to feel the feminine and masculine forces within me, to understand their differences, their exchanges and their power to each of them as well as their power if the we agree to share them with respect and kindness.

An experience to be lived in the depths of oneself, a brilliant and luminous gift to be treasured somewhere between one's heart and one's sacred space… ” Flyn

“This internship allowed me to put down heavy emotions, thanks to the exercises and the support of the group. In a benevolent setting, I found a more fluid circulation of energy and I left with a deep feeling of inner peace. » Ugo

“Dileri has this rare talent to instantly put us at ease. Led with great finesse and a lot of emotional intelligence, his lessons immerse us in an atmosphere of depth and sacredness within a secure and benevolent environment. It offers us the possibility to reveal ourselves to ourselves, to remove our masks and to express our emotions in full freedom. It gives us the impression, in these privileged moments, of celebrating life with the lightness of a child. His ease in guiding the group towards true and deep exchanges allows for real connection to oneself and to others.

Thank you very much, dear Dileri! »Woodruff

Thank you for this wonderful journey towards knowing yourself and others! A seed of love has been sown in my heart and I thank you! It nourishes my soul on this long road of self-discovery that I want to continue ... » Sébastien

“It's quite rare that I am really touched by a practice in a 2-day internship. But this weekend exceeded my expectations. I was delighted by the proposals and the fun aspect of these 2 days. It was simple, true, joyful and deep. I was completely overwhelmed by the symbolic encounter with the women in my life. A very strong moment during the weekend and when I relived it afterwards. I very sincerely reconnected with my mom, my grandmother, my wife, my daughter and other women who have marked out my life course ... I realized that it is especially the women who nourish me with what is essential and if it comes from a man, it is from his "feminine" part. I came home changed from those magical moments ... I cried, sincerely cried. It was very deep. Thank you. "JC

“I spent an unforgettable weekend of Tantra facilitated by Dileri. Since the first morning of the retreat I felt very safe. Throughout the whole retreat Dileri has created a secure and sacred space where I could explore with joy and curiosity my body, the touch, my sensuality and pleasure. Through various and beautiful tantric practices Dileri guided the group with an incredible sensibility, gentleness, wisdom, attention and kindness. This experience allowed me to feel more loving towards myself, tuning into my feminine body and its limitless wisdom. I can't wait to participate in more workshops and retreats with her. " ML

“From our first contacts Dileri was able to reassure me and put me in confidence for my first solo workshop. She is always attentive, available to answer our questions and requests and very gentle. I am extremely grateful that life has allowed me to meet you, Dileri! Your kindness, your support, your beautiful energy and your smile are very precious gifts! You know how to guide and support us in everything you offer us, while respecting each other's limits! I haven't done a lot of workshops yet, but I have already been able to experience and feel very strong and magnificent connections and energies !!! I have done a lot of things related to personal development (workshops, therapies ...), but I have rarely felt such strong and beautiful sensations! I was also able to drop off certain things and experience strong and enriching moments! Feeling my body and "using it" in motion also allows me to reconnect fully with my whole being and I feel so alive in these moments, it's very beautiful! Thank you again for all that, Dileri, you are really a beautiful person very competent in what you do and I wish everyone to be able to also meet you and live these beautiful moments! " MC

"Following the weekend" Interior couple / exterior couple, in my mirror, I saw the difficulties of my interior couple to meet. I saw the wounds of my masculine and those of my feminine. Tears. Laughter Fears Depth Benevolence Love In this intensity I understood With heart I thank Dileri I thank my partners Each and every one accompanies me and awakens me. »Carine

“Incredible as always! A big bravo for the creation, the support, the enthusiasm! Thank you from the heart! These workshops helped me to open up to myself, to see more clearly in my mechanisms, and to free myself from certain beliefs and especially to assert myself more and to work more in depth on my self-esteem. The path becomes lighter, smoother, more serene. I'm looking forward to the rest of the program! " N

“This powerful and confronting internship (in the nakedness of body and soul), allowed me to see and accept that I also have wounds and blockages. Even though, apparently, I was very lucky during my childhood .... The internship was rich, intense and sincere ... I felt really well surrounded and guided with kindness. Thank you, Dileri! " M

Dear Dileri,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this tantra evening. You knew how to create one of those happy moments that I will remember. I particularly appreciated your kindness and the depth of your practices, well done! » PD

“A gentle and caring approach that allowed me to explore my body, my feelings and the energy of the group. A rich sharing experience that suits me perfectly, as much through the energy of the group, research through touch, movement and gentleness, as through the exploration of emotions. Guided by Dileri who brings softness, depth and kindness ... Thank you! » MA

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